NOTE: Although every effort has been made to ensure the list below is correct, it is the responsibility of each Club to check the availability of their own players.

If you are unsure please contact the Discipline Secretary.

Adam Joji Aberdeen East End F.C. 2
Connor Wood Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Finlay Johnston Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Greg Pirie Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Jack Odlin Aberdeen East End F.C. 2
Josh Bolton Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Lewis Masson Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Matthew Stewart Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Michael Keller Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Ryan Corthals Aberdeen East End F.C. 2
Scott Kerr Aberdeen East End F.C. 1
Alexander Clark Aberdeen University JFC 1
James Underwood Aberdeen University JFC 1
Joe Sutherland Aberdeen University JFC 1
Kurtis Turek Aberdeen University JFC 2
Luke John Spence Aberdeen University JFC 1
Stuart Smith Aberdeen University JFC 3
Andrew Close Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 2
Cameron Moultrie Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 1
Dean Henderson Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 3
Eric Edgar Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 1
Grant Munro Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 1
Greg Smith Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 3
James Robson Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 1
Jordan Reid Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 3
Kyle Harker Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 3
Michael Bruce Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 2
Steven Travers Banchory St. Ternan F.C. 4
Robert Armstrong Banks o' Dee F.C. 1
Dominik Humeniuk Banks O'Dee F.C. 2
Bradley Deans Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Cameron Bowden Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Christopher Angus Bridge of Don Thistle 1
David Booth Bridge of Don Thistle 2
Gary Clark Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Kyle Scott Gauld Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Liam Brady Todd Bridge of Don Thistle 2
Liam Burnett Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Marcus Goodall Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Max Alexander Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Paul Esslemont Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Paul Napier Bridge of Don Thistle 2
Ross Forsyth Bridge of Don Thistle 5
Sam Muirhead Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Stewart Rennie Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Thomas Yeats Bridge of Don Thistle 1
Aidan Ritchie Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Callum Watson Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 2
Darren James Molloy Batty Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 2
Harris Thompson Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Jamie Matthew Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Jamie Shewan Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Luke Lovell Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Marcus Lovell Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 2
Mark Duncan Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Robert McDougall Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Sol Beagrie Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Zane Laird Buchanhaven Hearts F.C. 1
Aidan MacDonald Burghead Thistle F.C. 1
Craig Smith Burghead Thistle F.C. 1
Dylan Davidson Burghead Thistle F.C. 1
James Fraser Burghead Thistle F.C. 2
Liam McKidd Burghead Thistle F.C. 2
Matthew Macleod Burghead Thistle F.C. 1
Sean MaCann Burghead Thistle F.C. 1
Adam Morrison Colony Park JFC 1
Calum Reid Colony Park JFC 1
Connor Killoh Colony Park JFC 2
Graeme Cochrane Colony Park JFC 3
Harrison Hinks Colony Park JFC 1
Jamie Brailsford Colony Park JFC 1
Jamie Lind Colony Park JFC 3
Martin Michael Crisp Colony Park JFC 1
Michael McTavish Colony Park JFC 1
Mitchell Cheyne Colony Park JFC 1
Thomas Mackie Colony Park JFC 2
Callum Main Cruden Bay F.C. 1
Devin Kennedy Colbert Cruden Bay F.C. 1
Mark Foley Cruden Bay F.C. 1
Neil Robb Cruden Bay F.C. 1
Benjamin McGregor Culter 1
Callum Dunbar Culter 3
Elliot Duff Culter 3
Graeme Wilson Culter 1
Jay Cheyne Culter 2
Kai Ross Culter 3
Leonard Johnson Culter 2
Mark Adam Culter 3
Richie Ryan Petrie Culter 1
Ryan Stewart Culter 2
Shaun Carroll Culter 1
William Mathers Culter 2
Cameron Forbes Moar Deveronside F.C. 1
Campbell McDermott Deveronside F.C. 1
Craig Sutherland Deveronside F.C. 1
Ethan Barron Deveronside F.C. 1
Gregor Whyte Deveronside F.C. 1
Jamie Boylan Deveronside F.C. 1
Jody Munro Deveronside F.C. 1
Jordan Russell Deveronside F.C. 3
Michael Wood Deveronside F.C. 2
Owen Murison Deveronside F.C. 1
Philip Watt Deveronside F.C. 1
Shaun McLeod Deveronside F.C. 1
Shaun Sopel Deveronside F.C. 1
Andrew Munro Dufftown J.F.C. 1
Baylee Campbell Dufftown J.F.C. 1
Darren Street Dufftown J.F.C. 1
Jack MacArthur Dufftown J.F.C. 2
James Stables Dufftown J.F.C. 2
Kelvin Main Dufftown J.F.C. 1
Michael Dunn Dufftown J.F.C. 2
Scott Thompson Dufftown J.F.C. 4
Shaun Cameron Dufftown J.F.C. 1
Shaun Gair Dufftown J.F.C. 2
Stewart Black Dufftown J.F.C. 1
Blair Johnston Dyce F.C. 2
Craig Mackie Dyce F.C. 2
Darren John Reid Dyce F.C. 2
Dean McDonald Dyce F.C. 1
Glen Donald Dyce F.C. 1
Gordon Forsyth Dyce F.C. 2
Ian Leith Dyce F.C. 1
Lyall Keir Dyce F.C. 1
Ryan Wallace Dyce F.C. 1
Sam Robertson Dyce F.C. 2
Callum Gibson Ellon United F.C. 1
Callum Tremaine Ellon United F.C. 1
David Ibazebo Ellon United F.C. 1
Derryn McGuire Ellon United F.C. 1
Fraser Thomson Ellon United F.C. 2
Grant Anderson Ellon United F.C. 1
Jordan Morrice Ellon United F.C. 1
Lewis Macdonald Ellon United F.C. 2
Neil Irvine Ellon United F.C. 3
Ryan Gordon Shand Ellon United F.C. 1
Steven Alexander Ellon United F.C. 3
Alexander Innes Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Anthony Ross Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Brandon George Hutcheson Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Charlie Beck Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Craig Robertson Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Lee Davidson Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Matthew Davidson Forres Thistle F.C. 2
Matthew Fraser Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Ross Kelman Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Sean McIntosh Forres Thistle F.C. 1
Arnadus Cupulis Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Billy Bruce Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Bruce Stephen Neaves Patterson Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Grant MacDonald Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Jordan Guild Fraserburgh United F.C. 2
Malcolm Maitland Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Mantas Cepulis Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Marc Noble Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Michael Lumsden Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Neil Hay Fraserburgh United F.C. 2
Zak Conway Fraserburgh United F.C. 1
Aaron Leslie Glentanar J.F.C. 3
Adam Rennie Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Christopher Fairley Glentanar J.F.C. 2
Dylan Henderson Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Euan Rose Glentanar J.F.C. 2
Jamie Brown Glentanar J.F.C. 2
Josh Calvin Low Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Lee Peter Alexander Mcallister Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Liam Harker Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Luke Fawcett Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Mark Duthie Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Murray Nicol Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Roberto Bellini Glentanar J.F.C. 1
Andrew Gordon Davidson Hall Russell United F.C. 2
Bryce DAWSON Hall Russell United F.C. 1
Christon Mackie Hall Russell United F.C. 2
Jack Goodwin Hall Russell United F.C. 1
Callum Youngson Hermes F.C. 1
Connor Charles McKenzie Hermes F.C. 2
Connor Hunter Hermes F.C. 3
Craig Macklin Hermes F.C. 1
David Stevenson Hermes F.C. 1
Elliott Symon MacDonald Hermes F.C. 1
Grant Mitchell Hermes F.C. 1
Jack Craig Hermes F.C. 3
Ryan Begg Hermes F.C. 3
Cameron Chyla Islavale F.C. 1
Craig Sim Islavale F.C. 4
Gary Morrison Islavale F.C. 1
Matthew Robert Nicol Islavale F.C. 1
Michael Simpson Islavale F.C. 1
Scott Barron Islavale F.C. 1
Scott Riddoch Islavale F.C. 1
Adam Taylor Longside F.C. 1
Andrew Buchan Longside F.C. 1
Duncan Wallace Longside F.C. 1
Jack William Castel Daniel Longside F.C. 2
James Bain Longside F.C. 1
Jamie Maclellan Longside F.C. 1
Jason Dransfield Bain Longside F.C. 1
Michael Rae Longside F.C. 1
Nicol Davidson Longside F.C. 1
Owen Tocher Longside F.C. 2
Ryan Wilson Longside F.C. 2
Scott McLeod Longside F.C. 1
Aiden Collin Maud 1
Ben Joel Hastie Maud 1
Craig Lowden Maud 2
Jack Walker Maud 1
jake McDonald Maud 2
Jordan Smith Maud 1
Josh Arthur Maud 1
Liam Hay Maud 1
Mark Stainton Maud 3
Stuart Gilmour Maud 1
Blair Stephen Montrose Roselea F.C. 3
Calum Watson Montrose Roselea F.C. 1
Dylan McDonald Montrose Roselea F.C. 1
Liam Bailey Montrose Roselea F.C. 2
Ryan Taylor Montrose Roselea F.C.
Stephen Greig Montrose Roselea F.C. 4
Calum Neil Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Charles Fonweban Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Conor MacPhee Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Craig Munro Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Jason Duncan Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Lee Haines Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 2
Liam Robertson Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Mark MacDonald Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 2
Paul MacLeod Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 2
Paul Smith Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Ryan Alexander Moodie Nairn St. Ninian F.C. 1
Arran Thomson New Elgin F.C. 1
Dean McCall New Elgin F.C. 3
Michael Mullan New Elgin F.C. 1
Ryan Alexander McPherson New Elgin F.C. 1
Ryan Thomson New Elgin F.C. 1
Bruce Dryburgh Newmachar United JFC 2
Connor Walton Newmachar United JFC 2
Matthew Tough Newmachar United JFC 1
Ryan Whelan Newmachar United JFC 1
Steven Young Newmachar United JFC 1
Stewart Gerrie Newmachar United JFC 1
Christopher Garden Rothie Rovers AFC 1
Christopher Wood Rothie Rovers AFC 1
Ewan Clark Rothie Rovers AFC 1
Glen Graffin Rothie Rovers AFC 1
Glen thomas Mutch Rothie Rovers AFC 3
Sam Walker Mcalley Rothie Rovers AFC 1
Shaun McDonald Rothie Rovers AFC 1
Stuart Hodge Rothie Rovers AFC 1
Adam MacLennan Stonehaven F.C. 1
Blair MacLennan Stonehaven F.C. 1
Christopher Jolly Stonehaven F.C. 2
Daniel Stuart Mearns Stonehaven F.C. 2
Danny Anderson Stonehaven F.C. 1
Derek Boylan Stonehaven F.C. 1
Findlay Masson Stonehaven F.C. 1
Josh Peters Stonehaven F.C. 1
Keith Horne Stonehaven F.C. 1
Cory Ritchie Stoneywood-Parkvale FC 3
Daniel Milne Stoneywood-Parkvale FC 1
James Olumofe Stoneywood-Parkvale FC 1
Kyle Mackillop-Hall Stoneywood-Parkvale FC 1
Mark Galashan Stoneywood-Parkvale FC 1
Neale Davidson Stoneywood-Parkvale FC 1
Dean Still Sunnybank F.C. 2
Dylan Cumming Sunnybank F.C. 1
Edward Fuller Sunnybank F.C. 1
Logan Tough Sunnybank F.C. 1
Scott Burnett Sunnybank F.C. 1
Callum Findlay Whitehills J.F.C. 1
Euan Simpson Whitehills J.F.C. 5
Logan Noble Whitehills J.F.C. 2
Mathew Scott Henderson Whitehills J.F.C. 4
Noel Scott Whitehills J.F.C. 3
Ritchie Gibb Whitehills J.F.C. 3
Shaun Macdonald Whitehills J.F.C. 1

Where next?

Suspensions The following players are subject to disciplinary suspension from the 21st September 2021 Owen Mu
Discipline Procedure Scottish Junior Football will adopt a revised discipline system to fall in line with the SFA. DI

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